February 19, 2021
PSA Cosigns Letter to DeJoy

Today, a coalition of mailers and shippers sent the attached letter to PMG Louis DeJoy and the Postal Service Board of Governors to express concern over service deterioration in recent months.

As you know, customers have experienced significant delays getting packages to their destinations. It goes beyond challenges of the pandemic. We believe impairment was worsened by internal failures to maintain control over inventory and follow established operating procedures and operating plans.

Despite these service declines, PMG DeJoy has floated the idea of mid-year price increases for mail products. Though the shipping industry is not targeted for price increases, we do share the USPS network. Driving mail from the system will just lead to inefficiency and will have long-term cost effects on packages shipped with USPS. PSA believes that increasing prices for the current substandard service certainly should not even be a consideration.

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