March 15, 2021
A Name Change and Rebrand for Parcel Shippers Association

Washington DC: The Parcel Shippers Association, the preeminent trade association for the e-commerce industry, has re-branded and changed its name to the Package Shippers Association (PSA). The adjustment was done to better align the title with the continued evolution of the shipping industry.

Founded in 1953, PSA began as trade association for shippers, with a close eye on Capitol Hill, USPS and the PostalRates Commission. PSA has served the market as the primary advocate for affordable, and consistently reliable service for packages.

Chief Executive Officer Jim Cochrane commented, “PSA still represents Shippers, but in addition we now proudly represent additional iconic brands of the entire e-Commerce eco-system, including, logistics, fulfillment, delivery, equipment manufacturers, software providers, and technology enablers. We remain laser focused on legislative and regulatory issues, forFederal, State and Municipal jurisdictions important to the e-commerce market, as well all things USPS, and with the Postal Regulatory Commission.”

These changes are the result of more than a year of research and analysis. The name change was approved by the PSA Board ofDirectors, led by Chairman Paul Kovlakas, from Pitney Bowes “As the leading trade membership association for e-commerce and shipping we are incredibly excited to think about our future in a strategic and forward-thinking way. It is the sincere hope of the Board that our organization will be well served by this name and rebrand long into the future.”

Please visit us at our new website at: the primary platform for member services delivery that is focused on professional networking, economic analysis, and advocacy. Our name has changed slightly, but our mission has evolved greatly; however- we will always be PSA.

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